The Danger of Spooky Halloween Contact Lenses by: Danielle Bird

halloween contact

Those crazy Halloween contacts may look scary, but the most frightening thing about them is the horrible damage they can cause to your eyes.

Contact lenses are medical devices and require licensed professionals to fit them specifically as per each individual. An improperly fitted contact lens can cause lifelong damage to the cornea. It should also be noted that these contact lenses are not approved by the Canadian Association of Optometrists. These contact lenses are made of materials that are not regulated and are very harmful to the eyes. These plastic type materials do not allow proper oxygen to get through to the eye, thus causing severe problems for the eye.  Possible risks are:  corneal abrasions, corneal ulcers, oxygen deprivation, and even blindness. These issues are painful and require immediate professional attention.

bad contacts

Other vision and eye safety tips for this Halloween:

  • Be careful not to get hairspray or dye in or close to the eyes
  • If wearing a mask, make sure that your glasses fit comfortably out of them.
  • Avoid costumes that block your peripheral vision

Have a happy and safe Halloween!


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